Tuesday, October 23, 2007

This one is a book commendation (os)

The book is called "Inside the Economist's Mind: Conversations with Eminent Economists" by Paul A. Samuelson & William A. Barnett. It is a collection of interviews with some of the most important economist of the century such as Lucas, Friedman or Leontief; interviewed by Solow, Blanchard or Colander.

So, to be honest, I only read one episode - the one with Leontief - then I showed it a fellow and never saw the book again. But that one was quite interesting. They talk about economics but not necessarily on the theory itself but on the history behind it, how it all came to the point that he worked there with him or her etc. Most of the interviews are 10 -20 pages, so you can sometimes skip one or two pages and read a bit more precisely at the parts you are really interested in.
Enjoy this one at these cold autumn nights. Oh - was that too cheesy?