Friday, February 8, 2008

Gold Rush is on (fg)

It is almost an econonic law that in times of global uncertainty (many may say in times of massive liquidity) people change their portfolio holdings in favour of gold. Today, the gold price settled at 908 USD, it's an all time high. Surely, there are side effects of this story. Some try to make a new atempt to go back to some form of the gold standard. They argue that the precious metal should be taken as unit of defining dollars, euros etc. Here, I do not want to make a point for or against a gold standard. Instead, as the news (1,2,3) demonstrate, people are becoming more and more addictive to this metal again. Seeking for profit opportunities, many unemployed U.S. citizens move to Alaska and other regions where they hope to find gold. In other countries, we can see a similar development. And it is not astonishing when you just inspect the figure on the gold price. Gold rush is on!