Monday, October 22, 2007

Krugman bashing continued (amv)

In my previous post I mentioned that I usually disagree with Krugman, or better, with his economics, or even better, with his Political Economy. Now, a blog makes everyone an easy target. This is so, because any statement made must be brief, controversial and even sometimes polemic. In other words: The blogsphere is not the court of justice. Yet, I just read a review written by David M. Kennedy on Paul Krugman an his recent book "The Conscience of a Liberal" (to the German audience: "liberal" in the United States does not imply the classical liberal tradition associated with Smith, Bastiat, Hayek or Mises, but means socialdemocratic; thus, the German title should be: 'Das Gewissen eines Sozialdemokraten'). This review article provides a good approach to Krugman's status as an ivy league economist as well as his general way of approaching problems. Thus, look it up here. Make up your own mind and see if you like it ... or not.