Monday, November 9, 2009

Kaltstart: The Economic Consequences of Mr. Kohl (amv)

Excellent interview by Hans-Werner Sinn.

UPDATE: What does not follow from Sinn's critical view is Fricke's narrow valuation. He really thinks that Hungary performs better in terms of economic performance and general welfare (East Germans would be better off without reunification, he says). The migration of East Germans (usually young women) to the West and their thereby increased marginal product is treated as a loss. In fact, however, these Germans are better of by making all of us richer. The much better institutional setting, the low degree of corruption, and the far better provision of public goods is also not taken into account. Further, an independent East Germany would be no member of the Eurozone (indeed, there would be no Euro but the insane Eurpean Monetary System which would be a catastrophe for West German exports right now). Just look at what has happened to Eastern European deficits!