Wednesday, November 28, 2012

MTR vs. Deutsche Bahn (bs)

After a trip to Hong Kong last week, I'm very impressed with Chinese efficiency. Especially riding the metro is pure pleasure. The operating company is called Mass Transit Railway Corporation (or just MTR). In fact, the firm could really serve as a role model for our various underperforming Municipal Transport Services - just think of Berlin's infamous S-Bahn, DB's S21 or whatsoever.

Here are some facts. MTR is one of the most profitable transport companies of the world. Its annual revenue is about 800 million Euros. In terms of costumer service (literally everywhere in Hong Kong you can pay with MTR's Octopus Card), punctuality and reliability, MTR wins one award after the other. And although the company yields about one third of its revenue with ticket sales, riding the MTR is really cheap. After heavily using it for one week, I didn't spend more than 15 Euros. By the way, the remaining two thirds of its revenue, MTR makes running Shopping Centers and other businesses located around the stations.

As the rumour goes (Berliner Zeitung), MTR is considering to become an investor in Berlin's S-Bahn. Great news, one is tempted to say...